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Česká Whisky is a whisky bar and distilery shop based in Czech Republic. It manufactures, and sells, high-quality whisky destilates. Česká Whisky also runs a Whisky Klub for whisky lovers and enthusiast to enjoy their favorite drink.

Our role

We were hired to build a pixel-perfect and responsive website for Česká Whisky shop. This was based on a new design we received from designer hired by Česká Whisky. As we worked on coding the pages, we also worked with the designer on continually improving the design nd experience of the website.

Project specifications

  • Deadline: 2 months (completed in 1.25 month)
  • Number of pages: 12

Goals and objectives

  • – Create site architecture and navigation for easy browsing and frictionless experience
  • – Build responsive pixel-perfect website
  • – Use extensive testing to ensure cross-browser compatibility
  • – Implement best practices to achieve maximum performance and accessibility

Tech stack

  • Front-end: HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Back-end: PHP

The Process

Česká Whisky website was built solely with static HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP. We used PHP only for contact forms, nowhere else. For JavaScript, we used, back then, the latest ES6. We also didn't use any front-end or back-end framework.

The whole website was built as a system of components. We build all these components as re-usable blocks. This helped us speed up the whole process of building the Česká Whisky website. This approach also created a starting point for further extension in the future.

As usually, we focused on building one page at the time, no more. When we finished the page we went through extensive testing and reviews with team from Česká Whisky.

Only when team at Česká Whisky accepted the result we moved on and started working on another page. We repeated the whole process all over again.

At the end of the work, we also conduct extensive testing of the whole website to ensure all pages look and work perfectly on all devices.

The Solution

We decided to built the website from scratch using HTML (HTML5 specification), CSS (CSS3 specification), JavaScript (ES6) and PHP. No front-end or back-end framework was involved in the process. We made sure to closely follow the best practices for asset optimization. This helped us to make the website load fast, even on low-end devices and slow internet connection.

At the end of the project, we thoroughly tested the website on a wide range of devices, from mobile phones and tablets, to small and large desktops. This helped us fix some issues we missed and ensured maximum compatibility.

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Best practices




Progressive Web App (PWA)

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